Running Madrid

With fun runs, marathons and walk Madrid events the city has no shortage of dates to run the city. But if you are only here for a few days and looking for a green space to run in then here are 10 of the best parks.

casa de campo.jpg

1) El Retiro is the popular emblematic park in the centre of Madrid. Not far from many of the best hotels in the city, its 125 hectares of tree lined pathways are dotted with cafés and kiosks where you can stop for a refreshment.


2) El Parque de Canal Isabel II is in another area easy to reach from many of the hotels and a few laps of the completely flat track of 1.5km makes an easy run.


3) La Dehesa de la Villa is on the doorstep of the University City so if you are visiting one of the faculties there is no excuse not to get out into this pine filled natural park.

Madrid rio.jpg

4) El Parque del Oeste is another shady park not far from the University and perfect for an evening run along the 4.5km of pathways as the sun sets towards the Gredos moutains.


5) Madrid Rio is Madrid's ambitious conversion into green space of what was once a major urban highway. Along the banks of the river Manzanares you can find 9km of easy tracks and paths but watch out for the bicycles.


6) El Parque Lineal del Manzanares is a continuation of Madrid Rio and although you will find it hard to find shade at times it is the perfect place to burn those extra calories.


7) La Casa de Campo is Madrid's biggest park with a stunning 1800 hectares of woodland criss-crossed with pathways and paved lanes for runners and bikers. At certain times of the day you may be sharing your run with people looking for company.


8) El Parque de Canillejas outside the centre is a favourite of semi-professional runners and athletes. The area is relatively small but can be challenging.


9) El Parque Juan Carlos I is even further afield but if you are here for an event at the IFEMA trade fair centre it is ideal with a 3km recommended route and many different alternative paths.


10) El Anillo Verde Ciclista is not for the faint of heart at 64km in length. This is a four lane super highway for runners and bikers which takes you on a circuit around the whole city.

Madrid marathon this year is on 22 April and is open for registration. The New Year's Eve hangover cure San Silvestre Vallecana 10k opens for registration in September